Trump Insults Christianity, Claims Biden More Powerful Than God

Donald Trump insulted the Christian faith and millions of the faith’s devoted followers across America and the world by claiming his rival Joe Biden is more powerful than God.

Biden will “hurt the Bible, hurt God,” Trump claimed at a mini-rally in Ohio on August 6.

The claim is false.

Joe Biden, who cannot defeat God in a fight
Joe Biden, who cannot defeat God in a fight

According to Christian faith, God created all of existence, including the heavens and earth and every living creature that has ever existed. For true believers, nothing can be above God. Christians believe that God determines the fate and destiny of everything in the universe.

For believers, no human being, particularly a politician, can “hurt God,” as Trump claimed.

Vice President Biden is a Catholic, and has often invoked his Christian faith during his long career in the public eye. Biden has frequently been photographed attending church services, discussing issues of faith with faith leaders from numerous beliefs, and grappling with the intersection of religion and political leadership.

Trump professes to be Christian, but has rarely engaged in faith issues to the degree that Biden has. Trump’s interactions with religious issues have usually been on the topic of abortion, where he has mischaracterized Democratic positions in order to curry favor with anti-abortion activists.

Most infamously, Trump referred to the biblical citation of “Second Corinthians” as “Two Corinthians.” The flub prompted laughs from the audience at the conservative Christian school, Liberty University.

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