Trump Fails To Offer ‘Full And Complete’ Health Care Plan He Promised

Donald Trump has failed to sign into law a “full and complete” health care plan that he promised America. In an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace that aired on July 20th, Trump made the pledge.

“We’re signing a health-care plan within two weeks, a full and complete health-care plan that the Supreme Court decision on DACA gave me the right to do.,” Trump said.

On August 2, precisely two weeks after the pledge, no health care plan had been offered even as a proposal, let alone as legislation for consideration by the House and Senate.

In that time period, Trump has not seriously addressed health care. But thousands of Americans have died of COVID-19 and Trump has gone golfing multiple times.

Trump ran in 2016 on the promise of repealing and replacing Obamacare, the program signed into law by President Barack Obama that extended health coverage to millions of Americans.

After years of passing repeals in the then-Republican House, the Trump presidency was supposed to lead to a health care revolution.

Instead, Republicans could not muster enough support in their party for dismantling Obamacare while Democrats stood united in opposition to the effort.

Trump has used the power of the presidency to attack the law via regulation, undoing the individual mandate. He has also pursued federal cases that would leave millions uncovered, especially Americans with preexisting conditions.

Ten years after President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law, Republicans have not repealed or replaced it and have no serious legislative proposals addressing America’s health care needs.

Democrats like Joe Biden have proposed expanding Obamacare and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) have proposed “Medicare for All.”

Polling has shown Americans prefer expanded health care coverage and not the repeal efforts that Republicans have offered.

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