Racism In 2021

Tracking incidents involving racism that occurred in 2021.

George Floyd Statues Defaced

A statue honoring the memory of George Floyd in Newark, New Jersey was defaced with white supremacist graffiti. A Floyd statue in Brooklyn was also defaced.

Confederate Statue Removal

The House Voted To Remove Confederate Statues From The Capitol. “The House of Representatives on Tuesday voted to remove all Confederate statues from public display in the U.S. Capitol, along with replacing the bust of former Chief Justice of the United States Roger Taney, author of the 1857 Dred Scott decision that declared that people of African descent were not U.S. citizens. The House passed the measure 285-120. All Democratic members supported the legislation; all ‘no’ votes came from Republican members.” [NPR]

Police Racism

Ohio Police Chief Put KKK Sign On Black Cop’s Desk. “A white police chief in Ohio has resigned after placing a “Ku Klux Klan” sign on a Black officer’s desk, in what he claimed was a prank. Sheffield Lake police chief Anthony Campo, who had been with the department for 33 years, stepped down Tuesday after city officials got wind of the incident that occurred last Friday, according to Cleveland.com.” [Raw Story]

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