Payton Burke: Homophobic KFC Employee Incident: Facts You Need

Payton Burke, an employee at a KFC restaurant in Springfield, Illinois, was caught on video yelling homophobic slurs at a gay couple as they went through the drive thru. Burke was later fired after video of the attack went viral.

KFC Employee Shouted Anti-Gay Slurs

Burke Yelled Slurs At Gay Couple. “Joshua Garner and his partner Lee Walls were picking up an order for a DoorDash customer at a drive-thru of a KFC in Springfield when the angry employee began verbally attacking them, WAND reported. Garner recorded the incident, in which the man calls the couple “queers” and “f–s.”” [NY Post]

Couple Was Traumatized By Bigoted Attack. “”I have done two tours in Afghanistan and I have seen some crazy things, but never have I had it where I freeze up and I just freeze up,” Walls said. “It was like a shot to the heart, like a bullet to the heart,” Garner said. It was like we couldn’t say anything and the only person who could stick up and protect us was my little brother in the back seat.”” [WAND]

They Were Delivering A DoorDash Order. “Walls works for DoorDash and was picking up and delivering meals. We’re told the food the DoorDash customer ordered wasn’t available when they arrived. Walls, Garner, and Garner’s little brother were in the drive-thru when they realized the food was unavailable.” [KHQA]

KFC: Burke Has Been “Terminated.” “The behavior of the team member in this video is completely unacceptable, and the team member has been terminated. The franchisee who owns the restaurant has been in touch with the guest regarding this incident and offered an apology.” [KFC Statement]

Payton Burke Photo

Payton Burke
Payton Burke

Video Of Payton Burke’s Homophobic Slurs

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