Parramatta Eels Sex Tape Scandal: Facts And Photos

A video of Parramatta Eels rugby player Dylan Brown in a toilet stall with a woman has been leaked on social media, triggering an investigation.

Parramatta Eels Dylan Brown Video Leak

Parramatta Eels Confirm Player Recorded With Woman In Toilet. “Parramatta have claimed one of their players has had his privacy invaded by being filmed engaging in a sex act without his consent. Rumours began circulating on social media on Wednesday of an NRL player being recorded in an intimate act with a female in a toilet cubicle.” [Yahoo]

Report: Woman Did Not Give Consent For Recording, NRL Investigation Triggered. “The woman in questioned is understood to not have given consent on being filmed, with the footage being spread between members of the public and social media. The NRL Integrity Unit and the Parramatta Eels are working as a collective to investigate the matter.” [Zerotackle]

Paramatta Confirms Recording Existence. “We understand that those on the video have been illegally filmed by another person without consent and that an attempt has been made to distribute the video to media outlets and on social media platforms. The Club has informed the NRL integrity unit and is taking the matter very seriously, particularly given the potential invasion of privacy of those involved. The Club will not be making any further comment.” [Paramatta Eels]

Video Circulated On Social Media. “Speaking on Sky Racing radio’s The Big Sport Breakfast, The Daily Telegraph’s Dean Ritchie said the footage was circulating on social media. “The video is going around, I received it last night,” Ritchie said.” [Adelaide Now]

Video Fallout

Recording The Video Might Be Illegal. “It is illegal to film and distribute intimate content without a person’s consent in NSW. If a perpetrator is found guilty, they can be jailed for up to three years and be fined $11,000.” [ABC]

NSW Blues Coach: Jail Whoever Recorded Video. “NSW Blues coach Brad Fittler wants to see the videographer jailed, and called on “the government and the law … to make a statement” as the NRL have.”  [2GB]

Eels Player Fined

National Rugby League Gives Eels Player “Breach Notice,” Fine. “The National Rugby League (NRL) has issued a Parramatta Eels player with a breach notice alleging he brought the game into disrepute after a video emerged of him participating in an intimate act at a public venue. The notice proposes the player is fined $5,000. All players are public figures and have a responsibility to ensure their actions do not risk damaging the brand and reputation of the game. In this circumstance, the NRL believes the player failed in that responsibility. The NRL accepts the player is the alleged victim of an illegally filmed video and is offering both welfare support and assistance if he wishes to pursue criminal action against the individual who filmed the video.” [National Rugby League]

Dylan Brown Photos

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