OW.Com Exclusive: Bill Campenni Talks

[this is real, and not my usual parody foolishness :)]

I got in contact with Bill Campenni, known as the witness (possibly) to George W Bush’s missing year. I asked him why he chose just now to finally come forth with his story and his reply was that “The stupidity reached a critical mass”. He also says that he doesn’t know why it’s been so difficult for the national media to get in contact with him to verify his story (honestly, it was pretty easy to track him down), though he believes that stupidity has something to do with it.

When I asked him about being stationed in Pittsburgh, not Alabama and the fact that his story leads one to believe he was in grad school from ’71-72 (the same years as the hole in Bush’s record) and thus incapable of vouching for where the president was, his reply? An evasive “Nice Try”.


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