Marjorie Taylor Greene: Photos And Facts You Need To Know

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a Republican representative from Georgia. Greene is best known as a prominent supporter of the QAnon conspiracy theory and appearing in racist videos.

Greene Refused To Take Her Mask Off When She Was Sworn In. “Georgia’s new QAnon-supporting Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene caused a ruckus on Sunday at the swearing-in of the new Congress when she refused to wear a mask despite requests from House floor staff, according to Politico’s Jake Sherman. “2 new Republicans — including .@mtgreenee—are being told by House floor staff that they have to put their masks on. as of now, they seem to be telling the floor staff that they will not put it on.” [Daily Beast]

Marjorie Taylor Greene Photos

Conspiracy Theorist

Greene Said She Believed In The QAnon Conspiracy. “Greene has posted the QAnon slogan on Facebook and on Twitter, the latter in response to a tweet defending the legitimacy of “Q” where she also wrote, “Trust the plan” (another catchphrase QAnon supporters use). She also has tweeted the QAnon-connected hashtag “#GreatAwakening” to far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. She has also appeared in a video where she discussed following QAnon, calling “Q” a “patriot” and “worth listening to,” and in a now-defunct website wrote favorably about the conspiracy theory.” [Media Matters]

Greene Is Also A 9/11 Truther. “In previously unreported remarks, Greene discussed the September 11 attacks and said that there was “the so-called plane that crashed into the Pentagon. It’s odd there’s never any evidence shown for a plane in the Pentagon.”” [Media Matters]

Greene Pushed Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory. “Republican House candidate and right-wing commentator Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is a QAnon supporter and a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, said in a recently unearthed video that the Obama administration had the violent MS-13 street gang murder Democratic staffer Seth Rich. Greene’s unhinged claim echoes a post by someone purporting to be “Q” — the central figure in the QAnon conspiracy theory. ” [Media Matters]


Multiple Videos Showed Greene Making Racist Comments. “The candidate, Marjorie Taylor Greene, suggested that Muslims do not belong in government; thinks black people “are held slaves to the Democratic Party”; called George Soros, a Jewish Democratic megadonor, a Nazi; and said she would feel “proud” to see a Confederate monument if she were black because it symbolizes progress made since the Civil War.” [Politico]

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