Maria Elizabeth Pena-Echeverria Murder Arrest: Facts You Need To Know

Maria Elizabeth Pena-Echeverria
Maria Elizabeth Pena-Echeverria

Maria Elizabeth Pena-Echeverria is an 18 year old woman in Raleigh, NC who has been accused of killing James Lacy Taylor, who was found in a cemetery.

Maria Elizabeth Pena-Echeverria Arrest Details

Pena-Echeverria Charged With Murdering James Lacy Taylor. “Raleigh police charged an 18-year-old girl Saturday with killing James Lacy Taylor — a man who died after being found seriously injured at a cemetery near NC State University’s campus. Police found Taylor, 69, with “serious injuries” on Friday night near the 2200 block of State Farm Road in Mt. Olivet Cemetery. The man was taken to the hospital where he died.” [ABC 11]

Police Found Taylor Injured At A Cemetery. “Police were called to Mount Olivet Cemetery in the city Friday night, where they found a seriously injured man. He was declared dead later at a nearby hospital. On Saturday, police identified the man as James Lacy Taylor.” [Charlotte Observer]

Cemetery Is Near NC State’s Schenck Forest. “The cemetery is adjacent to Schenck Forest, which is managed by North Carolina State University. Campus Police had put out an alert Friday night saying witnesses saw a woman and two men leaving the scene.” [WSOC]

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