Laurie Diane Potter Murder: Photos And Facts

Laurie Diane Potter
Laurie Diane Potter

Laurie Diane Potter is a woman from Rancho San Diego whose severed legs were found in a dumpster in 2003. Her husband Jack Potter has been arrested for the alleged murder.

Jack Potter Arrested 20 Years After Crime Committed. ““Once we identified Laurie Potter, we went back through her life and tried to identify who she was, where she was living, who were her friends or family during that time frame,” Sheriff’s Lt. Thomas Seaver explained Friday. “This is an ongoing criminal investigation so we can’t go into details, but we determined that there was substantial cause to believe Jack Potter murdered Laurie.” On Wednesday, the San Diego Regional Fugitive Task Force arrested Potter, now 68 years old, at his home in Rancho Cucamonga, California. He was brought back to San Diego and booked into jail downtown on one count of murder. He will face that charge before a judge for the first time next Thursday.” [Fox 5]

Body Was Unidentified Until 2021. “Jack Dennis Potter, 68, is accused in the death of 54-year-old Laurie Diane Potter, whose remains were found Oct. 5, 2003, in a dumpster in the 1600 block of Hilton Head Court. Though investigators were able to determine the remains belonged to an adult female victim of a homicide, her identity and what happened to her remained a mystery until recently, according to sheriff’s Lt. Thomas Seiver.” [Patch]

Investigative Genetic Genealogy Used To Identify Laurie Potter.SDSO used a technique called investigative genetic genealogy to determine in December 2020 that the legs found in a dumpster at an apartment complex in the 1600 block of Hilton Head Court on Oct. 5, 2003, belonged to then 54-year-old Laurie Potter, from Temecula — a woman whom no one ever reported missing.” [NBC San Diego]

DNA From Laurie’s Son Connected Case. ““The Cold Case Team then formed family histories in the form of “trees”, which led detectives to other potential relatives of the woman. When speaking with relatives, detectives identify themselves, tell the person what they are investigating, explain the process, and ask for their assistance. This process eventually led investigators to closer relatives and ended with contacting Laurie’s son. Laurie’s son provided a DNA sample and she was identified.”” [Fox 5]

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