Kelly McKin: FL Man Accused Of Spitting On Disney Guard Over Mask

Kelly McKin, a 51 year old man from Palm Beach, Florida, is accused of spitting on a security guard from Disney World who asked him to put on a mask.

McKin was staying at Disney’s Contemporary Resort when the incident occurred.

He has been arrested and charged with battery on a security officer.

Kelly McKin Photos

Kelly McKin Mugshot
Kelly McKin Mugshot

Police Report: McKin Spit At Guard, Hit Her Forehead. “She asked McKin to put on a mask. He told her he would put one on when he was inside. She said the resort policy is to wear a mask at all times while on the property. He told her to leave him alone, then spit in her direction. Some of the expectorate hit her on the forehead.” [KIRO]

McKiney Denied Spitting. “Under questioning by a sheriff’s deputy, he denied spitting at Goldstein. He said he had talked with the security officer about the mask policy and promised to put his mask on once he entered the building, and that was the end of their interaction.” [Seattle Times]

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