Joe Biden Wears Mask To Veterans Memorial On Memorial Day 2020

Joe Biden wore a mask while paying tribute to fallen veterans on Memorial Day 2020. Jill Biden, his wife, also wore a protective mask, as did the Secret Service detail protecting the Bidens. The event was the first that Biden has attended outside of his home in weeks since the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Donald Trump has refused to wear a mask in public. Trump reportedly believes wearing a mask will make him look weak. Health experts, including the CDC, have recommended masks. Masks protect against the spread of COVID-19, which has killed 100,000 Americans.

News Coverage

NY Times: “Mr. Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, cut a sharp visual contrast with President Trump, who has generally declined to wear a mask in public despite federal health recommendations, including at a memorial service on Monday.”

Associated Press (AP): “When Biden emerged on Monday, he wore a face mask, in contrast to President Donald Trump, who has refused to cover his face in public as health officials suggest.”

NBC: “Joined by his wife, Jill, and a protective detail from the Secret Service for the first time publicly, Biden wore a black face mask and his signature aviator sunglasses as he laid a wreath of white flowers at the Veterans Memorial Park in New Castle.”

TMZ: ” Joe and his wife, Jill, ventured outside for the first time since the shelter-at-home orders were implemented and his presidential campaign came to a screeching halt. The former VP and Jill laid a wreath during a visit to a veterans memorial in Delaware.”


Biden was widely praised for wearing a mask and was favorably compared to Trump, who has refused to wear one.


Joe Biden Memorial Day Mask Photos

Photos of Joe and Jill Biden wearing protective masks on Memorial Day.

Joe Biden Memorial Day Mask Videos

Videos of Joe Biden and Jill Biden wearing masks at a veterans memorial on Memorial Day.

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