Ivanka Trump Earned $4 Million From Family’s Hotel While Employed By White House

In 2019, Ivanka Trump earned $4 million dollars from the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. newly released financial disclosures reveal.

At the same time, Donald Trump’s eldest daughter was employed as “Senior Advisor to the President,” a position she has held since 2017.

The disclosure means that money spent at the hotel from sources like the Republican National Committee, corporations like T-Mobile, and foreign governments and businesses, personally benefited her.

Many businesses who have spent money at the Trump family hotel also have pending business before the U.S. government. Donald Trump benefits from this arrangement like his daughter because he has refused to put his holdings in a blind trust like previous presidents.

The Trump family has earned millions through these arrangements while Donald Trump, as the head of the U.S. government, has been in a position to influence decisions that could benefit private businesses and foreign government.

In one example, after spending hundreds of thousands at the Trump hotel, T-Mobile had it’s $26 billion merger with Sprint approved by the Trump-controlled Department of Justice.

Ivanka Trump’s disclosure, and past disclosures she has filed, means that she likely benefited from the arrangement and others like it.

The disclosures also reveal that along with her husband, Jared Kushner, who is a key member of the Trump administration, the couple earned  between $36,151,214 – $157,020,085 in income from outside sources in 2019 while working in the government.

Kushner was the point person for the Trump administration’s botched response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 150,000 Americans have died in the outbreak and the death toll continues to increase every day.

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