How The Left Can — And Must — Fight The Information War

The press is covering itself in glory yet again, carrying water for the right again. Progressives need to start promoting, amplifying and supporting our own outlets as the right has. The mainstream media is a failure.

One of the major problems we have is that the right understands this is an informational war and lends their support to tons of outlets – and I mean mom and pop stuff not lavish things like Fox. The left sits back and is repeatedly surprised when the mainstream media fails us.

And no this isn’t on the DNC or liberal donors. It’s on us. Elevate progressive outlets, progressive narratives within the mainstream media and stories that expose the right for what it is. I’ve personally watched the right do this for the last 20 years and it isn’t difficult. Just do it.

We’ve seen election results thrown because of this refusal to engage from the left. We’ve gone into wars because we ceded this major task to the mainstream press and right wing media. Thousands have died as a result. We’re worse off. So maybe now we should… stop?

Hoping every four years for a spectacularly talented Democratic nominee to come along or for a republican president to screw up royally before a midterm election ain’t cutting the mustard. We have to be in the fight every day and that is all about spreading information.

On a practical day to day basis all this means is constantly sharing and promoting links, videos, memes and other informational nuggets. Too often I see liberals saying “yep I agree” with a piece of content but then they don’t bother to share it with their own network.

Conservatives have a zeal about this stuff. And yes it’s nonsense but it’s very effective. They see a piece of content and they make it their mission to make sure everyone they know sees it too. That has a cumulative effect. And it’s never been easier to dispense information.

For better or for worse. But simply saying”turn it off” or “ignore it” is not going to work. It’s never worked. Get in the trenches. Back the army doing the right thing. Win the war.

Here’s my personal tactic when I run into information worth anything: I share it. I never assume “everybody” has already seen it or that “everybody knows this already.” Because it’s never true. There’s always one person who didn’t know. And your share just deputized them.

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