GOP’s Transgender Sports Bills Prove The Right Is Obsessed With Kids’ Genitals

Republicans across America, at the state and federal levels, have shown in the last few months that they are bizarrely obsessed with the genitals of children.

Children are trying to just live their lives and embrace the liberty that is their right as Americans, by embracing their gender identities as they play sports. They are not hurting anyone, and most rational Americans understand this.

But Republicans are showing that they cannot leave well enough alone and are instead expressing their genital obsession with unnecessary and discriminatory bills, some of which have unfortunately become the law.

This perverse motivation was exposed to public comment and ridicule in Florida recently, where the bill ordered up by Gov. Ron DeSantis and pushed by Republicans in the state legislature, had a provision pushing school officials to examine children’s sexual organs. Public ridicule led to the issue being quietly excised, but it’s inclusion in the first place gives up the game. The anti-transgender rights bill passed by Republicans in Idaho would have had a similar effect if an ACLU challenge had not thrown it out.

The campaign from the right, after President Joe Biden enacted policies advancing equality on the topic of transgender rights, is perverse. Children’s genitals are not something that should be up for public inspection or other invasive acts, no matter what the right says.

Conservatives should repeatedly be shamed for devoting all this time and energy to something so strange and bizarre. Stop trying to be involved with children’s genitalia. Leave the kids alone.

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