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Tracking news and developments involving the right-wing social media site GETTR.

Guo Wengui
Guo Wengui

GETTR Backed By Guo Wengui

Fugitive Chinese Billionaire Funds GETTR. “Meanwhile, the Daily Beast reports that Gettr was bankrolled by fugitive Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui, a close associate of pardoned Trump strategist Steve Bannon. “Guo, a vocal critic of the Chinese government who is wanted in that country on corruption charges, has developed close ties to top Trump allies,” the Daily Beast reported.” [Raw Story]

GETTR Started As Chinese Site Owned By Guo Wengui. “A POLITICO review reveals that prior to it being revealed on Thursday, GETTR had existed for nearly a year as a Chinese-language social media network linked to Guo and G-TV Media, and on which anti-CCP content had been promoted on a regular basis.” [Politico]

GETTR Owners Hid Connection With Wengui. “What’s not made clear to Gettr’s new users, though, is that the site received initial funding from a foundation owned by Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui and his family. In an interview with The Daily Beast on Thursday, Miller said Guo’s “family foundation” provided Gettr with early funding. “Some of the initial seed money has come from his family foundation,” Miller said of Guo, who also goes by the name Miles Kwok.” [Daily Beast]

GETTR Launch Problems

GETTR Was Flooded With Lewd Photos Of Sonic The Hedgehog. “Sega’s speedy meme king is particularly well represented, with tags like #sonicfeet, #sonicismygod, #soniclovescommunism, #sonicmylove, and #sonic_came_in_my_bussy (ask your father about that one) tracking the sometimes-pregnant blue blur’s presence across the nascent social network for shitheads. But despite GETTR’s professed dedication to #FREEZEPEACH, a peek into accidentally leaked source code reveals its operators can add or remove “trending” topics at will. To arms, blue bussy brigade—you’re being censored!” [Kotaku]

GETTR And The Alt-Right

GETTR Had To Ban Alt-Right Figure ‘Baked Alaska.’ “A notorious neo-Nazi has already been suspended from GETTR, the newly launched right-wing social media platform that is dedicated to “fighting cancel culture.” As noted by Salon staff writer Zachary Petrizzo, GETTR on Thursday suspended the account of Tim Gionet, a white nationalist who goes by the name “Baked Alaska” on the internet, within hours of launching.” [Raw Story]

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