Fox News Scandals And Controversies In 2021

Cataloguing scandals and controversies involving the conservative Fox News Channel in 2021. Fox News is a conservative “news” channel launched by Australian billionaire Rupert Murdoch and former Richard Nixon aide Roger Ailes in 1996.

Lou Dobbs Cancellation. Fox Business canceled Lou Dobbs Tonight, their highest rated TV show starring former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs. Dobbs was a big promoter of Donald Trump and used his show to advance debunked conspiracy theories about the 2020 election result. Dobbs was named in a lawsuit by voting machine company Smartmatic. Via Twitter, Dobbs lashed out at Fox News after news of the cancellation was released.

Mocked For Attacking Biden Travel. Fox News was widely mocked for raising questions about President Joe Biden traveling to Delaware in February 2021. Fox was supportive of Trump traveling to rallies during the pandemic and on golf outings, but suddenly had concerns about Biden’s travel, even though he is vaccinated and social distancing.

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