Fox News Host Freaks Out After Guest Calls Out Network For Ignoring Jan. 6 Hearing

Fox News host Mike Emanuel angrily responded after a guest on the network pointed out Fox’s decision to not air the January 6 hearing on the Capitol attack.

VIDEO: Fox News confronted for decision to censor January 6 hearing

Progressive radio host Mike Crute appeared on Fox News Live and took note of the network’s actions.

“We should be talking about the January 6th hearings that go again live, that this network failed to cover,” said Crute. “Because I tell you what. The real fight is for democracy. The real fight is for the soul. And the real bullshit that your network won’t cover it!”

Emanuel angrily responded to the information, insisting that Fox had covered the hearings because it aired them on its lesser watched sister network, Fox Business.

“We covered it plenty. We just aired it on the Fox Business Network,” Emanuel noted.

Crute replied, “Fox Business Network my butt, Mike.”

Fox was widely criticized for the decision to ignore the hearing. The network instead aired “Tucker Carlson” during the hearings, and allowed right-wing host Tucker Carlson to attack the hearings without breaking for commercials.

During the hearings, Fox hosts like Sean Hannity were part of the discussion as Hannity’s communications with the team of former President Donald Trump showed that there was concern about the violence of the attack. Fox has joined with other conservative outlets and Republicans in Congress to now downplay the unprecedented attack on the U.S. Capitol.

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