Biden Praises March For Our Lives Protests Against Gun Violence

President Joe Biden on Sunday praised the thousands of citizens who joined the March For Our Lives protests for gun laws on Sunday.

“Keep marching.  It’s important.  Look, this has to become an election issue,” Biden told reporters while boarding Air Force One. “The way people listen — senators, congressmen — is when people say, ‘I’m going to — this is going to affect my vote.'”

“Too many people are dying needlessly.  And what — and what’s even being proposed in the House and Senate is marginal. I mean, it’s — it’s important, but it’s not all that needs to be done.  The idea we’re not going to do background checks, the idea we’re not — anyway, the answer: march.”

Washington is under renewed pressure to deliver gun safety legislation following the mass murders in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas.

Despite the rising death toll, including classrooms full of young children mowed down by assault rifles, both the Republican Party and the NRA have remained opposed to popular gun laws.

Democrats in the House recently passed a package of gun safety legislation, but the bill was opposed by Republicans.