Deregulation Made The Lights Go Out In Texas

Texas’ energy problems during the February 2021 winter storm are a conservative failure.

The root of the state’s problems, and its failure to care for its citizens in a time of crisis is conservative policy. Conservative policy and the drive to deregulate government and industry left Texas unprepared to react in a crisis. Instead of focusing on the goal of providing energy to Texans, regardless of weather conditions, the state’s energy system was designed to appease the gods of profit and the “free market” zeal of politicians and activists. Then it failed.

Texans are without power, forced in some instances to use baby gates to fuel fire to keep their families warm. Conservative ideology failed thousands of people in the state, as it does millions of Americans every day. Conservatism did not work at the exact moment citizens most desperately needed it to, because conservativism cannot work for citizens. It is designed to help the wealthy and elite and major corporations, not ordinary people.

Texas governor Greg Abbott, instead of addressing the failures of deregulation, went to Fox News and made up lies blaming green energy for the Texas power failure. Speaking to his ally Sean Hannity, a multimillionaire who owns several mansions, Abbott sought to avoid blame. But he can’t avoid it. This is the fault of conservatism.

Common sense regulation and renewable energy policies will keep the lights on and the planet cleaner. Those are policies that work for people, unlike conservatism and deregulation.

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