Donald Trump: Scandals And Controversies

Tracking scandals and controversies involving Donald Trump. Abortion Trump Lied, Claimed People On “Both Sides” Wanted Roe vs. Wade To End. “In a video statement outlining his position on abortion, former President Donald Trump falsely claimed that “all legal scholars, both sides, wanted and in fact demanded” that Roe v. Wade “be ended.” Legal scholars … Read more

Lara Trump: Scandals And Controversies

Tracking scandals and controversies involving Lara Trump, co-chair of the Republican Party and Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law. Conspiracy Theories RNC Co-Chair Lara Trump Released A Call Falsely Claiming “Massive Fraud” In The 2020 Election. “The Republican National Committee last week sent out a scripted call to voters’ phones on behalf of new co-chair Lara Trump saying … Read more

Biden Hails Ukraine Bravery Ahead Of Two Year Anniversary Of Russian Invasion

President Joe Biden released a statement praising the Ukrainian people ahead of the two year anniversary of Russia’s unprovoked attack on the nation: Statement from President Joe Biden Ahead of the Two-Year Anniversary of Russia’s Brutal Assault Against Ukraine Two years ago tomorrow, shortly before dawn, Russian missiles began exploding near the capital city of … Read more

Threads Caught Erasing Pro-LGBTQ Content

Threads is erasing content posted to highlight the role that conservative hate played in the death of Oklahoma child Nex Benedict.   Post by @ecmclaughlin View on Threads   Oliver WillisOne of the first political bloggers in the world, Oliver Willis has operated since 2000. Contributor at Media Matters for America and The American … Read more

Elon Musk’s Twitter Becomes Celebrity Porn Deepfake Hub

Another day, another celebrity porn deepfake circulating on Elon Musk‘s Twitter. That’s the sort of people who dominate on that social network now. When posters on message boards for AI-generated pornography began circulating deepfake videos of the comedian Bobbi Althoff, the clips reached a relatively muted audience, gaining 178,000 views over the last six months. … Read more

Matt Gaetz Scandals And Controversies Explained

Matt Gaetz

Cataloguing scandals and controversies involving Florida congressional representative Matt Gaetz. Gaetz Called For Defunding The Project To Defend Ukraine Against Russian Invasion. “Speaking to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on Monday, alongsde Representative Lauren Boebert, Gaetz argued against politicians refusing to consider reducing America’s defense spending. Host Ingraham highlighted that attempting to reduce how much money … Read more

Who Is Amy Sudberry? Rainbow City Teacher Accused Of Child Porn

Amy Sudberry is a 39 year old woman from Rainbow City, which is near Birmingham, Alabama. Sudberry is a teacher at Carlisle Elementary School. She has been accused of multiple charges related to child pornography. Amy Sudberry Allegations Sudberry Accused Of Producing Child Pornography. “Amy Sudberry was taken into custody Monday night by police in … Read more

GOP Disrupting Classroom Learning So They Can Win Elections

Republicans are now invading kids’ classrooms as part of a desperate bid to win back electoral power. “In May, parents angry over a proposed plan to address racism in Southlake’s schools propelled a slate of conservative candidates into office. Today, that parent anger, along with the state’s new limits on how teachers address controversial issues, … Read more