Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Is Popular And Americans Want The Rich To Pay For It

Another day and another poll showing how out of touch Republicans are with the rest of America. A new poll from CBS shows that President Biden’s infrastructure plan has support from 58% of voters. It is supported by nearly all the Democrats surveyed, most of the Independents, and even 17% of Republicans.

That shows that the GOP-Fox News campaign of “that’s not infrastructure spending” has failed, just as the campaign against the COVID Relief bill didn’t work.

Furthermore, respondents to the poll back Biden’s proposed method of funding infrastructure spending: Taxing the super-wealthy.

To pay for infrastructure, most Americans would favor raising taxes on both large corporations and people making over $400,000 annually — seven in ten each. Both of these measures find support among approximately half of Republicans, as well as large majorities of Democrats and independents. By contrast, only four in 10 Americans would support raising taxes specifically on people who use roads and bridges more.

Conservative ideas – cutting taxes for the super-rich while the country crumbles and people struggle to have the basics – continues to fall out of favor. Talking points about high taxes and socialism and communism and all the rest of it (it’s always socialism) are simply not working.

The message Democrats should take away from this, and which has been something of a theme since the Great Recession, is that the Reagan-Bush II consensus is dying off. Progressive ideas are more popular and people want to see those ideas in action. There is no longer the need to couch these things in language that pays lip service to the deficit and debt.

Just give people concrete manifestations of good policy ideas that will improve their lives and contribute to their economic bottom lines. Bonus: Fixing those bridges means fewer people falling to their deaths from crumbling infrastructure.

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