Two Recent Movies: Juno, I Am Legend

Juno: Great comic writing and not too “look at me, I’m quirky” acting (Wes Anderson, I’m looking at you and your suck movies). Not many have noted it but Allison Janey gets to bring the humor you didn’t get to see too often from the West Wing to her character. I hope Ellen Page, the … Read more

Fear Ends. Hope Begins. Barack Obama For President.

The biggest question with regard to Barack Obama’s candidacy is: Is America ready for a black president? My gut reaction, sadly, is no. But I think that Barack Obama is clearly ready to be president, and for America to truly move forward we need to elect him as our next president. Sen. Obama represents the … Read more

Rudy Giuliani, Candidate

Lawrence O’Donnell thinks the thrice-married Giuliani will deliver the election to the Dems. When Republican primary voters discover how liberal Giuliani has been on social issues–along with how many wives he’s had and how many gay men he has lived with while waiting for a divorce to come through–they are going to abandon him faster … Read more

California Fire & Iraq

From May: As state forestry officials predict an unusually harsh fire season this summer, the California National Guard says equipment shortages could hinder the guard’s response to a large-scale disaster. A dearth of equipment such as trucks and radios — caused in part by the war in Iraq — has state military officials worried they would … Read more

Audio: Rudy Giuliani’s Ferret Freak-Out

Now, look, I could say that Rudy Giuliani’s rant about ferrets and the people who love them said something about his possible presidential temperament, and maybe it does – but its more like it’s just a funny audio clip of a major political figure – the mayor of New York, later a Republican candidate for … Read more

Clear Momentum For John McCain

Thursday, Jan. 25, 2007, Mitt Romney’s unofficial shill in the right-wing blogosphere Hugh Hewitt declares: “McCain Campaign On The Rocks”. Of course, most observers will realize that Hewitt has no idea what the hell he’s talking about, and in fact if you were a betting man or woman you should put money on John McCain as … Read more


The only explanation is that they’re actively trying to lose. The Mark Brunell of 2004 is back, and he sucks (and why the heck did they hire an expensive-ass offensive coordinator if they weren’t going to actually throw the ball? Santana Moss would be more productive knitting than he was in the game – they … Read more

So You’re Saying…

The vice-president shot a guy? So here’s a legitimate question: do you think that if Al Gore had shot someone that the media wouldn’t hear/report it for 24 hours? And were the police called – is there a police report of this incident of the Vice President shooting someone? Questions swirl. Lest we forget what … Read more

Creepy Disingenuous Liars

That’s the image that came to mind reading this swill from Glenn Reynolds and former Christian Right architect Marshall Whitman. Here’s the facts of how we were led into war: The Bush administration tried to sell the threat of Al Qaeda-Iraq ties, but that didn’t sell well. Then they said we were under threat of WMDs. Many … Read more

Oh God, He’s Even Dumber Today

Glenn Reynolds says that Ted Kennedy demanding a coherent exit strategy from Iraq is the same as Strom Thurmond being pro-segregation. The question is, will the Democrats be willing to do to Ted Kennedy, for his remarks on the war, what Republicans did to Trent Lott, for his remarks on Strom Thurmond and the 1948 election? As … Read more