Bubba America: Call The Cops On Gay Men Kissing

When I see nonsense like Newsweek’s cover about the so-called “Bubba Gap” for Sen. Obama and other members of the punditocracy saying that the path to the presidency can only be achieved by pandering to these larry the cable guy(mostly southern) conservatives I always have to roll my eyes (I also roll my eyes at … Read more

Audio: Rudy Giuliani’s Ferret Freak-Out

Now, look, I could say that Rudy Giuliani’s rant about ferrets and the people who love them said something about his possible presidential temperament, and maybe it does – but its more like it’s just a funny audio clip of a major political figure – the mayor of New York, later a Republican candidate for … Read more

So You’re Saying…

The vice-president shot a guy? So here’s a legitimate question: do you think that if Al Gore had shot someone that the media wouldn’t hear/report it for 24 hours? And were the police called – is there a police report of this incident of the Vice President shooting someone? Questions swirl. Lest we forget what … Read more

Bush’s Soldier From A Right-Wing Propaganda Org

The soldier Bush referenced in his speech (“We soldiers of yours are doing great and scoring victories in confronting the evil terrorists.”) is part of a right-wing propaganda outfit. See here. “Joe Roche serves with the U.S. Army’s 16th Combat Engineer Battalion in Iraq and is an adjunct fellow at the National Center for Public … Read more

White House Launches Attack On Spears

Britney Spears

WASHINGTON — The White House responded furiously to the recent allegations leveled by the marginally talented Britney Spears, where she claimed “Don’t ya know that your toxic?” in an obvious allusion to the administration’s preparedness for terrorist attacks. Vice President Cheney emerged from his hyperbaric chamber to tell an intoxicated Rush Limbaugh that “Spears is … Read more

Might As Well Make It Eleven

BOSTON, Ma. – In a move that stunned the ten existing Democratic campaigns, Oliver Willis announced his candidacy for the presidency today. “We’ve got several senators, a governor, and a four-star general. So I figured the party needs someone with the experience for the job. That man is me.”, Willis said at his campaign kickoff, … Read more

I Get Mad

I’m not your standard issue liberal who believes in peace and flowers and the idea that we should all sing cumbaya as we’re led to slaughter. I believe that the intelligent and humane application of military force is warranted in situations where the lives of our citizens are threatened, or when innocents are being persecuted. As … Read more

Really Winning

I suppose that now is as good a time as any to clarify where I stand on this war. Over the many months as the focus shifted from Osama to Saddam, my contention has been that – yes – we would win this war and it would be quick. I had and still have my … Read more

This Is The Brink Of War?

If it weren’t for the thundering theme music on MSNBCNNFox, it would be hard to tell that this country is less than 24 hours away from an intense military conflict. My grandparent’s generation lived through the conflict to end all conflicts, World War II – where even in the small island of Jamaica my grandmother … Read more