Alice Wagner Sexual Harassment Controversy: Photos And Facts

Alice Wagner
Alice Wagner

Alice Wagner, a 14-year-old student in Yulee, Florida, has claimed that her teacher sexually harassed her by claiming she was in violation of the school’s dress code.

Wagner: Teacher Made Inappropriate Comment About Breasts. “Alice Wagner, an eighth-grade student at Yulee Middle School, in Florida, claims her teacher made an inappropriate comment about her breasts, saying her top was “letting them hang out for the whole world to see.” Wagner told WJXT that the teacher – who wasn’t named – made the remarks as she was exiting the classroom to use the bathroom last week. At the time, the teen was wearing a white tank top, a long-sleeve gray cardigan, and a knee-length skirt.” [The Sun]

Wagner Suspended For 10 Days. “Wagner said she went to the administration’s office to phone her parents but wasn’t allowed to make the call. She said the situation escalated into a fiery exchange with administrators, which resulted in her receiving a 10-day suspension. Both Wagner and her mother, Sarah, acknowledged that the student’s outburst crossed a line. “So, I don’t think it’s okay for her to talk to teachers that way,” Sarah Wagner told News4Jax. “But I understand why she was angry. She was basically sexually harassed by her teacher. … The teacher did apologize, she did understand what she did was wrong.”” [WJAX]

Wagner’s Outfit Didn’t Appear To Violate School Code. “The school handbook includes specific clothing characteristics that are considered violations, but Wagner’s outfit did not appear to violate any of them. The handbook mentions shirts with thin or no straps, visible undergarments, midriffs showing and clothing that “overemphasizes the shape of the body.”” [Comic Sands]

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