Here Are The News Outlets That Repeated Trump’s Lie About 5,000 Sprint Jobs

Donald Trump

Donald Trump did not get Sprint to bring 5,000 jobs back to the United States.

Sprint announced the plan to hire 5,000 people in April of 2015, and its parent company Softbank has had plans for jobs in the United States for months, long before Trump won.

Trump tried to take credit for this announcement as something that happened after he won the 2016 presidential election.

Many news organizations repeated his absolute lie in their headlines, without checking the facts of his claim and/or pointing out the lie in their headlines. Here they are:

The New York Times

USA Today



Wall Street Journal


Washington Post

New York Post

Fox News

Daily Mail

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  • MissNormaDesmond

    I agree with you about many of these headlines, but the NYT hed is completely accurate. Trump did take credit. Saying that he took credit doesn’t at all say that he actually deserved it. Moreover, the story went on to make clear that Trump’s claim was false. So it’s hard to understand why you’re trying to depict them as having done anything wrong. The NYT screws up on the regular, mind you, but not this time.

    • Stephen T

      The essence of the story, taking undeserved credit, needs to be clear in the headline. That’s the problem.

      • MissNormaDesmond

        You know, I keep seeing people complaining about headlines not telling the whole story. They’re not supposed to. You’re supposed to read the article. People seem to be confusing their laziness with some failing on the part of the publication in question. The headline was completely accurate, it did not in any way state that Trump deserved credit, only that he was taking it, which was absolutely true When you say that someone is taking credit for something, the implication is already that they don’t deserve it. Otherwise the hed would simply be “Trump achieved x”, rather than “Trump is taking credit for x”.

        • Teri Simpkins

          Headlines are meant to grab attention so that a person will want to read the full story. Too many times lately, they give info that is contradictory to what is in the article. This is partially blamed on the fact that Americans are used to reading in 140-character bites and going no farther. Had the headline read “Trump falsely takes jobs credit” two things would have happened: Trump would have whined about the corrupt press and his followers would have accepted what he said with no complaints. The second headline would have been more accurate but wouldn’t have been read by anyone other than those who dislike Trump.

          • You can say people “should” or “are supposed to” but they don’t. It is journalist’s and media’s duty to understand that.

          • John Carollo

            Bang zoom!

        • That’s not how the world works anymore.

          • I think “poor headline writing” though is a different charge than “repeated Trump’s lie”. They didn’t actually repeat a lie; they stated a fact, which is that Trump “took credit”. A lie would be, “Trump saves 5,000 jobs”.

          • Rose McDonald

            Oliver; Maybe that’s how the Republican world works, but the rest of us in the real world, insist on accuracy and honesty.

          • FrancesPoo

            Breaking News:

            Billary Clinton will NOT be President

        • Eric Siry

          The NYT headline is ambiguous which is a bad quality for a headline. “Trump falsely takes credit for 5,000 job Sprint Plan” would have better informed their readers.

        • Dennis Smith

          You know, you are talking about only one of those headlines, and it is really only your opinion that headlines need not be descriptive of the intent of the article. Like others has said, words like “arguably” can easily be inserted to make clear the writers intent

        • Rose McDonald

          Exactly! I think the people who say otherwise don’t get it, because they don’t want to get it.

      • Rose McDonald

        It is.Takes credit for isn’t the same as Trump declares victory …etc. You need better than fourth grade reading skills in the grown-up world.

        • Dlee t

          Fourth grade skills reflect Trump’s grammar and reading skills. He cannot read more than a half a page before his ADHD forces him to abandon the information presented. Headlines are also all his supporters are able to handle, if they can read. 44% of them think Hillary is running a sex traffic ring (source:The Economist) and 59% of them think Obama is a Kenyan Muslim. (all msm tv)

          • Dlee t

            It really doesn’t matter what Trump says or tries. He asked Pence to handle domestic and international affairs per Don Jr’s same request of Kasich. Donald’s job is making America great again, per Don Jr. Rallies will be weekly. Tweets 24/7, and fox occasionally or maybe Alex Jones.

          • FrancesPoo

            Here is a perfect headline:

            Billary Clinton will NOT be President.

            What do you think?

    • It should have said “falsely”or “mistakenly” takes credit then. Many, many, people only read headlines and that “fact” stays buried in their subconscious.

    • susieq2u

      Trump Falsely Takes Credit For …

      • FrancesPoo

        Donald John Trump- The 45th President of The United States of America…

    • What is weird is that the printed headline is different; just saw that (I didn’t get to read my copy this morning). It says that Trump “hails Sprint’s plan”. I do wonder why the difference in the two versions.

    • Weak.

      All of the headlines are technically accurate while still being misleading.

      • FrancesPoo

        Isn’t this a great headline?

        “Billary Clinton will NOT be President, Breaking Now”

  • How about: “Trump Takes Credit for Jobs Decision Sprint Made in 2015”?

    • FrancesPoo

      or “Donald John Trump destroys Billary Clinton and wins election”?

  • SillyBilly

    I like how fox and the daily puke upped the numbers to 8,000

    • Rose McDonald

      I saw that, too. Typical Fox.

    • Patti S

      Actually, it WAS 8000 that he announced. 5000 for Sprint 3000 for a possibly new company, called Oneworld media (not sure of name even though I listened 3 times). I am still trying to find a news outlet that has checked that part out…

    • FrancesPoo

      Are you butt hurt?

  • wayne bennett

    That is why he got elected most main stream Media reported every lie he told as fact, the days of real news reporters is long gone,they have all sunk down to the gutter level of national enquirer,globe, and fox “news”.

    • Rose McDonald

      Most but not all. The exceptions are Kurt Eichenwald, Scott Dworkin, and Elliott Lusztig, all of whom reported facts,and have had their lives and families threatened by Trump supporters. There are still courageous and honest people out there.

      • nkrempa

        Don’t forget David Farenthold… his family was threatened as well.

        • Mister Atoz

          Happy New Year to you and yours, Nancy. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, too!

          • ANNG14

            You need to promise to do something special for Christmas in 2017. Christmas should not be “just another day.”

        • Mister Atoz

          Happy New Year to you and Yours, N!

          • nkrempa

            Thank you SO MUCH, dear friend!!! Sorry I missed the Christmas wishes, but I was hiding from Christmas. T’was a dismal year, y’know? This evening will, most likely, find me on Twitter and busily unsubbing from everyone who thinks I should have money, LOL!

            Wishing you and yours a safe, warm, healthy, prosperous New Year! May we all survive whatever our overlords throw at us and come back swingin’ for the fences! 😀 <3

          • Mister Atoz

            I understand. It’s been a stressful time for so many people. I sincerely appreciate your thoughtful wishes and return them to you!

          • FrancesPoo

            Breaking NEWS:
            Billary Clinton will NOT be President

          • nkrempa

            No shit, really? Must be because the traitor that others elected is taking that spot. Enjoy the United States of Russia, Komrade!

          • FrancesPoo

            Dead serious. Not breaking news for you? Time to get a job loser. Free shit is gone, you liberal scum bag

          • nkrempa

            Too bad you don’t have a job, unless you’re working for the Russkies at a troll farm. I don’t need one, thx, and there’s no “free shit” in my world, conservative Russian troll.

          • FrancesPoo

            I’m horny, you?

      • wayne bennett

        you are correct,there are very few.

    • FrancesPoo

      Yo Wayne,
      how about this headline
      “Billary Clinton will NOT be President”

  • sukTHEfac


  • Jim

    Stenography, not journalism.

  • tryingtopickaname

    So…lol…none of you folks actually read into the story on your own and did your own due diligence, instead being predictably content to unquestioningly swallow the pap manufactured by other folks consumed by hate and sore-loserdom. So much more fun to have those tantrums, right? Sprint’s CEO actually confirmed Trump’s statement, folks, Pull your diaper pins out of your soft buttocks and try reading and thinking instead of kneejerk emoting. Sprint CEO affirmed the veracity of Trump’s claim. And…again, try reading,lol…an associated deal with OneWeb was also confirmed, hence the upping of the figures.

    • This is false. These jobs already existed before Trump’s statement.

    • naomiah

      The CEO confirmed that the jobs were going to the US. This is not news. Did you read the article, or are you just preening?

      • Rose McDonald

        Read the article when it first made news in April 2015, and almost everything else published about it. This isn’t news and Trump didn’t bring it about.

    • Rose McDonald

      Trying to etc…You paint with a pretty broad brush, Snowflake. ” None of you folks….” how in the hell would or could you know that? Have you contacted everyone who read the article? Have you run an informal poll? You criticize people for what you claim they did or didn’t do and you have absolutely no basis in fact for your claim. If that isn’t hypocrisy what is? Typical GOP/Putin troll hyperbole.

  • To be fair, the fact that Trump is trying to claim credit for this move is news.

  • Null Static Void

    This article is nonsense. You are essentially repeating exactly what the NYT article said. Trump is trying to take credit for Sprint jobs that were announced before the election. And you claim that the NYT repeated Trump’s lie?
    Nice Clickbait though!

    • Rose McDonald

      Wrong.You need to work on your critical reading skills. The article is about the news outlets that blindly accepted and repeated Trump’s lie, not the lie itself.

      • Null Static Void

        Hon I think it is thou whose reading skills critical can use a tune up. Go back and read the article. See that first one they reference? NYT? Go look it up. It does not ‘blindly repeat the lie’ it outs the lie.

        • Nick

          Not if you don’t read past the headline.

  • Scott Ryan

    As if journalist’s’ job is to uncover the truth or something

  • Witch

    This just another attack on the media so Trump can try and get rid of all the media. He hates being found out.

  • Rose McDonald

    I checked the outlets, Miss Norma Desmond is right. The NYT is the only one that reported it accurately. They said he took credit for it, everyone else said or implied that he orchestrated it. Sprint made the announcement in April of 2015. Trump didn’t even announce he was running for POTUS until June 2015. Ho hum, another Trump lie.

    • John Carollo

      So was he for or against the Iraq war? I’m worried he just may be in a time warp again.

  • Zaidi

    Our Fourth Estate is a Whore!!!

  • Rondo

    How about we stop trivializing headlines and impeach the bastard!

  • cyber-medic

    CNN has stuck it’s nose up Trumps butt and is now a major cheerleader for the Trump administration.

  • This is beyond depressing. Whatever happened to the “Fifth Estate”, ffs?

  • heveyman

    Maybe Obama should have crowed every time the monthly jobs report came out and the economy added jobs. He just didn’t tweet enough and take credit for the sun coming up in the morning.

    • John Carollo


    • FrancesPoo

      you forgot something, he is illegal and about to be deported, BOOM

  • Neil Joinson

    Utterly disgusting. These hack journalists should be profoundly ashamed of themselves.

  • vegastearoom

    Trump is a deceit, wrapped in disinformation, inside a deception.

    • FrancesPoo

      wah, wah, wah,

      DJT- 45 Baby, 45 Baby- 8 years strong.

  • Chris Nicholson

    Please make a list like this every day! I am more than happy to share the list of accomplices in the propaganda machine. I must say, though, I did not include the NYT in the list that I shared on FB today – I believe their headline and their story was fairly accurate.

  • Carrier Union Leader says Trump’s “big deal” is a LIE

  • cezook

    And yet this site is doing its own part of spreading lies by allowing a petition to shut down the “corrupt” Clinton Foundation.
    Also, most people only read the headlines and then move on. To give the right impression the NYT headline should have stated that “Trump FALSELY Takes Credit For 5,000 Jobs”.

  • quakerinabasement

    Without even looking: Politico is on the list, isn’t it?

  • NotReveen

    This is nothing. Every news outlet I’ve seen, including the one I’m posting to right now, falsely reported that Donald Trump had something to do with the Carrier deal, despite the fact that he had no authority to negotiate anything for anybody. Nor did he travel to Indiana. Nor, to my knowledge, did Carrier travel to New York. The story is fake, yet everybody fell for it, including the author of the above article.

  • cosmiccowgirl

    The question seems to be who reported it correctly?

  • Joe Kaminski

    It can’ t be a lie…he said it a lot.

  • kcdad

    Every one of these stories says TRUMP CLAIMED or TRUMP SAID… what is wrong with that. He did. He is liar, but he claimed credit for it.

    • FrancesPoo

      you look like a pedophile, true?