White Santa Claus Enthusiast Megyn Kelly Gets SiriusXM Show

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly, who famously insisted the fictional Santa Claus is a white man, is getting a new show radio show on SiriusXM.

“The Megyn Kelly Show” was announced on Tuesday as part of the lineup for the satellite radio network’s “Triumph” channel. Kelly will be hosting shows alongside serial racist and conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck and crime TV host Nancy Grace.

Kelly is best known for her long stint as a featured anchor at the conservative Fox News, where she frequently used her time on the network to incite racism.

Kelly often made excuses for police shootings of Black people and repeatedly hyped racist stories about former President Barack Obama. Kelly was widely criticized for promoting claims that the New Black Panthers had interfered in elections on Obama’s behalf.

The host went viral when a clip of her insisting that Santa Claus is “white” were widely circulated.

Kelly left Fox News for a multimillion-dollar deal at NBC News that ended in disaster. Her show at the network, which was programmed opposite 60 Minutes, was a ratings flop and generated an embarrassing photo of Kelly smiling with Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

She was also the host of a daytime talk show on NBC which also failed to attract viewers. Since leaving NBC, Kelly has hosted a podcast and used her Twitter account to support right-wing causes

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