We Need A New Deal For The Trump Recession

Donald Trump is handing off an economic disaster to Joe Biden. Despite his spin that the economy is doing a “super V,” the reality is thanks to his negligence on the virus, things are getting worse and they won’t improve until the vaccine gets to millions of people.

The response from Congress thus far has been inadequate, to say the least. While billionaires continue to make out like bandits during the pandemic, thanks to the Trump tax cuts and other economic policies that have been in place for decades, regular people are struggling.

The $600-$1,200 stimulus Congress has been discussing isn’t enough and Mitch McConnell’s push for liability protection is an obvious scam. They have to do more.

At the same time, Biden should move ahead with debt forgiveness for college loans and should do anything he can at the executive level to simply make life easier for people and give them money to get through this. In a perfect world, Congress would be working on a relief package that would make the 2009 stimulus look like child’s play. But we’re not in that world and we won’t be for a long time.

Democrats can’t just rest on their laurels about past stimulus and hope people give them credit for it. They won’t and they shouldn’t. Action needs to be taken now.

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