Bill O'Reilly

Sex Harasser Bill O’Reilly Complains About Democrats Using Trump’s Virus Record Against Him

Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly complained that Democrats are using Donald Trump’s disastrous response to the COVID-19 pandemic in attacks on his presidency.

“It is now clear that the Democrats will try to ride the Covid epidemic into the White House come November,” O’Reilly wrote on July 20th.

Democrats have been criticizing Trump’s poor response to a pandemic that has killed over 140,000 Americans. Trump failed to provide equipment to medical first responders who needed it as the virus hit, and has used his position as the head of the government to spread baseless conspiracy theories and misinformation as the virus has spread across the country.

The political party has been echoing the concerns and condemnation of Americans across the spectrum, who continue to give Trump poor marks for how he has mishandled the outbreak.

A recent poll from ABC News/Washington Post found 64% of Americans who disapprove of how Trump has handled the coronavirus.

“Americans by nearly a two to one margin distrust what President Donald Trump says about the pandemic,” ABC News noted.

In addition to his inaccurate punditry, O’Reilly claimed, “The key to the strategy to defeat President Trump is to keep schools closed through this year.”

The allegation is a conspiracy theory. Parents across the country are fearful about returning their children to school because the virus is still killing thousands of people.

Reopened schools expose children to the virus and also could turn them into carriers, putting the lives of educators, school staff, and parents and families in danger.

O’Reilly for years served as the lead host in Fox News’ prime time lineup. In that position he often lied about Democrats and progressives while also defending Republicans and conservative ideas.

O’Reilly was ousted from his job after it was revealed that Fox News had paid out millions in settlements to women who were sexually harassed by O’Reilly.

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