Phoebe Bridgers SNL Guitar Smash Makes Waves (VIDEO)

Phoebe Bridgers smashed a guitar during her performance of “I Know The End” on Saturday Night Live (SNL) and instantly created an online sensation.

Bridgers uses a Danelectro 56 Baritone guitar, which currently sells for $499.

Danelectro brand guitars can cost as much as $900 on Amazon.

Video of Phoebe Bridgers’ guitar-smashing performance of “I Know The End”:

This Was Bridgers’ SNL Debut. “Phoebe Bridgers made her Saturday Night Live debut last night (February 7), smashing her guitar in an explosive two-song performance” [NME]

“I Know The End” Was Her Second Song on The Show. “After the songstress delivered her first performance of the night, belting out “Kyoto” while rocking her famous skeleton ensemble, she returned later in the evening for her second set, and blew fans’ minds. Donning an elaborate pearl necklace that evoked skeleton imagery, Bridgers delivered a beautifully muted performance of “I Know the End.” As the song built to a climax, Bridgers and her bandmates shifted gears and began to really get into the song’s punky, explosive finale.” [ET Online]

Bridgers Has Been Nominated For Three Grammys. “In addition to Best Rock Performance, the 26-year-old singer-songwriter is up for three other Grammys at the March 14 ceremony — including Best New Artist — on the strength of her second solo album “Punisher.”” [NY Post]

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