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Media Praise Trump ‘New Tone’ As He Backs Accused Child Sex Trafficker

Multiple members of the American mainstream media on Tuesday expressed the belief that Donald Trump was using a “new tone” in his office. On that same day, Trump voiced support for an accused child sex trafficker and returned to his frequent use of a racist slur while discussing the ongoing pandemic.

During his coronavirus press briefing, Trump was asked for his thoughts on the recent arrest of  Ghislaine Maxwell.

“I just wish her well, frankly,” said Trump. ”

Maxwell has been charged with multiple counts of helping billionaire Jeffrey Epstein to obtain underage women, who he raped. Trump was an associate of Epstein.

During the press conference, Trump also repeatedly referred to COVID-19 as the “China virus.” Trump’s decision to inaccurately name the virus has been connected to hate crimes directed against Asian-Americans.

Trump’s rhetoric was not a departure from similarly tone-deaf and bigoted comments he has made throughout his presidency and in his previous life as a reality television figure.

But a montage produced by Comedy Central’s The Daily Show showed multiple members of the press hailing a purported shift in “tone” from Trump nonetheless.

Among those in the montage making the inaccurate assessment of Trump are Norah O’Donnell of CBS News, Kristin Welker of NBC News, Jesse Watters of Fox News, Chuck Todd of NBC, Wolf Blitzer from CNN, Jim Acosta of CNN, Dana Bash from CNN, Mara Liasson of NPR, and Juan Williams of Fox News.

A similarly inaccurate assessment was made by ABC’s “The Note” several hours before the speech, where a reporter Rick Klein claimed Trump was “displaying a new tone.”

Throughout his unpopular presidency, the mainstream media has frequently made the claim that Trump is engaged in a political “pivot” or demonstrating a “new tone” when in fact Trump has stuck to a message of bigotry and division.

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