Hideki Kamiya Bayonetta 3 Voice Over Scandal Explained

Bayonetta is a bestselling franchise of action adventure video games. The first game, Bayonetta, was released in 2009. Bayonetta 2 came out in 2014, with Bayonetta 3 scheduled for release in October 2022.

The games were designed by Hideki Kamiya and published by PlatinumGames.

Bayonetta voice actor Hellena Taylor, who was replaced in Bayonetta 3, called for a boycott of the game and claimed she was offered an insulting rate of pay for the sequel.

Hellena Taylor
Hellena Taylor

Hellena Taylor Replaced As Bayonetta Voice

Kamiya announced in October 2022 that the original voice actress for the Bayonetta character as seen in the first two editions of the game, Hellena Taylor, would be replaced. Yusuke Miyata, the director of the game, claimed that “overlapping circumstances” had led to Hale’s removal from the project.

Jennifer Hale was announced as the new voice of Bayonetta. Hale did voiceover work for Overwatch, Mass Effect, and Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic.

Taylor Alleged Low Pay Offer Resulted In Recasting

Taylor posted a video to her Twitter account on October 15 2022, and said that the reason she lost the Bayonetta role was because she rejected the low pay that was offered to her by PlatinumGames for the third game.

In her video, Taylor alleged that she was offered only $4,000 for the job. Taylor’s video received over 9.4 million views.

Video: Hellena Taylor on Bayonetta 3 salary



SAG-AFTRA Set Rates For Voiceover Work

he Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists labor union has set minimum rates for voiceover actors. The union’s terms state that video game voice actors receive $956.75 per day for three hours of work, voicing a maximum of three different roles. The union also specifies that there is an hourly rate of $478.50 for a single voice, and additional pay of $319.00 added on for extra voices.

Taylor was a member of SAG-AFTRA.

Bayonetta 3
Bayonetta 3

Call For Bayonetta Boycott

In her video, Taylor called for a boycott from fans of Bayonetta 3 in response to PlatinumGames alleged pay rates.

Noting that the Bayonetta franchise “made an approximated $450 million” in sales, Taylor encouraged people considering buying the game to use the money they planned to spend on the game and use it for charitable donations instead.

Taylor also said, ““I am not afraid of the non-disclosure agreement, I can’t even afford to run a car. What are they going to do, take my clothes? Good luck to them. Bayonetta always stands up for those with less power, and stands up for what’s right, and in doing this, you stand with her.”

Hideki Kamiya
Hideki Kamiya

Kamiya Responds To Taylor Allegations

On his Twitter account, Hideki Kamiya alleged that Taylor’s allegations about the pay she was offered were false.

“Sad and deplorable about the attitude of untruth. That’s what all I can tell now,” he wrote.

After making his post, Kamiya deactivated his Twitter account, then later reactivated it.

Jennifer Hale
Jennifer Hale

Jennifer Hale Supports Right To Be Paid Well

Jennifer Hale posted a statement to her Twitter account on October 17 2022 expressing her support for voiceover actors to be paid well.

“As a longtime member of the voice acting community, I support every actor’s right to be paid well and have advocated consistently for this for years,” she wrote.

Hale said she had signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for her work on Bayonetta 3 and was unable to comment specifically on her pay and Taylor’s reported salary.

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