Facebook Leading Millions Into QAnon Conspiracy Theory

Facebook is allowing its service to be used to entice millions of people into the bizarre QAnon cult/conspiracy theory a new report reveals.

Fitting in with a longstanding pattern of the social network allowing dangerous information to flow unchecked, Facebook has become a major recruitment tool for the conspiracy.

QAnon believes, without any facts or evidence, that there is an international pedophile ring being sustained by celebrities and politicians.

“There are tens of millions of active groups, a Facebook spokesperson told NBC News in 2019, a number that has probably grown since the company began serving up group posts in users’ main feeds,” NBC News reported.

A believer in a QAnon-style conspiracy, “Pizzagate,” attempted to shoot up a Washington, DC pizza parlor a few years ago.

Many QAnon supporters back Donald Trump, and his campaign has allowed QAnon t-shirts and signs to be prominently displayed at official events.

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