Dana Linn Bailey: Facts And Photos


Dana Linn Bailey is a fitness model and female bodybuilder. Her birthday is May 30. She is 5’4” tall and her weight is between 128-130 lbs. She is married to Rob Bailey, a bodybuilder.

Her official website is at DanaLinnBailey.com, her Instagram account is @DanaLinnBailey, her Twitter account is @DayDayKnucks and she is also active in social media on Facebook and YouTube.

She and her husband own two Porsches, a Porsche 911 and a Porsche Cayman.

Bailey is a self-described natural athlete and denies claims that she uses steroids.

In an interview with Vice Sports, Bailey said she has refused to get breast implants, even though it appears to be a huge benefit for women who compete in fitness bodybuilding events.

Net Worth

Online estimates indicate that Dana Linn Bailey’s net worth is $500,000

Bodybuilding/Fitness Modeling History

As a child, Bailey played soccer, basketball, field hockey, softball, swam, and ran track. She was recruited to play soccer for West Chester University, played as a starting defender and help lead her team to the NCAA playoffs.

She got into bodybuilding after college, lifting with Rob Bailey during her free time. Bailey entered her first figure competition in 2006 at the Lehigh Valley Championships and competed in figure competitions up until 2010. When the Women’s Figure division opened up, for bulkier competitors, Bailey decided to compete there. In 2011 she participated in the first physique show, at the JR. USA in Charleston, SC. She won her class and the overall championship, earning her IFBB Pro card and became the first Women’s Physique Pro in NPC/IFBB history.

In 2013 she won the first Ms. Physique Olympia competition. In 2015 she decided not to compete at the Olympia competition, citing her busy schedule and inability to fully train for the event.

Media Appearances

In 2015 she appeared as a contestant on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior, but did not qualify for the finals. Some of Bailey’s fans were upset that she was not more prominently profiled and featured on the episode where she took part.

Business Ventures

She and her husband run a clothing line, Flag nor Fail, which produces athletic wear targeted at exercise enthusiasts and bodybuilders. Flag nor Fail often debuts new merchandise via social media and an in photo and video shoots done by Bailey.
Flag nor Fail operates out of the Bailey’s 40,000 square foot warehouse which also houses the Speed WarHouse, a car performance shop that builds monster race and performance cars and the Warhouse Gym, where they hold gym camps attended by bodybuilding competitors and is sponsored by supplement companies.

In 2015 the Baileys launched Run Everything Labs, a supplement company.

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