Who Is Ryley Coker? Hug High School Teacher Arrest

Ryley Coker is a man from Washoe County, Nevada. He worked as a teacher at Hug High School. Police have accused of soliciting a child for prostitution.

Ryley Coker Allegations

Ryley Coker Arrested, Refused To Attend Arraignment. “Washoe County School District teacher Ryley Coker offered a 16-year-boy $500 in exchange for sexual favors, according to WCSD Police Department documents filed with the Reno Justice Court. Coker was arrested Thursday, and the district has suspended him without pay as he faces pending charges of solicitation of a child for prostitution and abuse of a child involving sexual exploitation. WCSD PD say the student, a 16-year-old boy, approached Coker in hopes of improving his grade, and Coker gave the student his personal cell phone number.” [2 News]

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