Who Is Matthew Calamari Jr.? Trump Executive Testifying To Grand Jury

Matthew Calamari Jr.
Matthew Calamari Jr.

Matthew Calamari Jr. is a 28 year old man who is the Corporate Director of Security for the Trump Organization. Calamari is going to testify to a New York grand jury about the company as investigations continue.

Matthew Calamari Jr. Grand Jury Testimony Details

Calamari Jr. To Testify After Subpoena. “Matthew Calamari Jr. , the Trump Organization’s corporate director of security and the son of the company’s chief operating officer, was served a subpoena for his testimony this week, the people said.” [WSJ]

Calamari Jr. Is Son Of Former Trump Bodyguard Matthew Calamari Sr. “Calamari Jr. is the son of Matthew Calamari Sr., who now serves as the Trump Organization’s chief operating officer and has worked for former president Donald Trump as a bodyguard, security man and executive for more than 30 years.” [Washington Post]

Calamari Jr. Will Have Immunity. “Under New York state law, Calamari Jr. will be granted transactional immunity on the subjects he testifies about. The decision to bring him before the grand jury signals prosecutors do not plan to indict him.” [CNN]

Report: His Father Lived In Luxury Trump Apartment, Investigators Probing. “The elder Mr. Calamari has for years lived in an apartment at Trump Park Avenue, a luxury building on Manhattan’s East Side, other people familiar with the matter said.” [WSJ]

Report: Investigators Have Been Probing Trump Allowing Calamari’s Use of Cars, Apartments. “Since the indictment, prosecutors have continued to investigate cars and apartments given to other Trump Organization employees, including chief operating officer, Mr. Calamari Sr., and his son, Matthew Calamari Jr., the company’s corporate director of security. Nicholas Gravante Jr., the Calamaris’ lawyer, said he has had a series of meetings and phone calls with prosecutors in recent weeks.” [WSJ]

Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg Accused Of Tax Avoidance Scheme. “The development in the ongoing investigation comes two months after the Trump Organization and its chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, were charged in connection with an alleged tax-avoidance scheme spanning 15 years. Weisselberg and the Trump Organization have pleaded not guilty.” [CNBC]

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