Who Is Hannah Archuleta? Dr. Phil Guest, Groping Lawsuit

Hannah Archuleta
Hannah Archuleta

Hannah Archuleta is a 19 year old woman who appeared on Dr. Phil when she was 17 and was sent to a Utah clinic called Turn-About Ranch where she claims she was groped by a male staffer and punished for reporting sexual assault.

Hannah Archuleta Lawsuit

Lawsuit: Dr. Phil Pressured Archuleta To Go To Ranch. ““Dr. Phil said that, ‘Hannah needs to go to the Ranch to have any chance at a good life’,” the lawsuit states. Furthermore, it states, McGraw personally pressured Archuleta’s father, Tony, into sending his daughter to the clinic, telling him he had a “’Ph.D. in wimping out’ and that he needed ‘to have the courage to win just this once,’ dig in his heels, and tell Hannah” she was heading to the ranch immediately after the taping.” [NBC]

Lawsuit: Archuleta Alleges Repeat Sexual Assault At Turn-About Ranch. “In late November or early December 2019, Hannah claims that the same male staff member sexually assaulted her again. She reported the incident but alleges that instead of taking action against the staff member, she was instructed to write a detailed letter describing the assault for ranch management.” [Fox LA]

Archuleta: I Was Suffering From Trauma. ““At that time, I was seventeen years old and suffering from many life traumas. I had recently learned that my mother was terminally ill with liver failure, and I was very vulnerable and heartbroken,” she said in a statement.” [The Sun]

Gloria Allred Representing Archuleta In Lawsuit Vs. Ranch. “Archuleta is now suing Turn-About Ranch, alleging the facility was negligent in hiring the male staffer who assaulted her, and intentionally inflicted emotional distress on her. She is represented by Gloria Allred, a well-known women’s rights attorney who represented women who say they were abused by famous men like Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein.” [Salt Lake Tribune]

Archuleta: Paris Hilton Inspired Lawsuit. “Archuleta, who lives in Colorado, has said she was motivated to come forward after Paris Hilton publicly came forward as a victim of abuse at a Provo center for troubled teens. At the urging of Hilton and others, Utah lawmakers passed a measure earlier this year providing greater state oversight of such businesses.” [KSL]

Turn-About Ranch Promotes Connection To Dr. Phil Show. “A 10-year-old post still featured prominently on Turn-About Ranch’s website boasts that it “is frequently featured on Dr. Phil’s TV show” and invites readers to “learn more about the teens who he recommends to participate in our program.”” [NY Daily News]

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