Who Is Gregory Ramputi? Vanguard High School Dean Arrest

Gregory Ramputi is a man from Marion County, Florida. He was a dean at Vanguard High School.

Gregory Ramputi Arrest Details

Gregory Ramputi Arrested. “Ramputi has been charged with five counts of “offenses against students by authority figure,” five counts of “unlawful sexual activity with certain minors,” three counts of “traveling to meet a minor,” two counts of “indecent, lewd, or lascivious touching of certain minors,” and one count of “possession of child pornography.” In a statement from the Marion County Public School system, “Ramputi started with MCPS in 2014 as a teacher at North Marion Middle School. He transferred to Vanguard High School in 2015 and became a student services manager there in 2021. He has no letters of reprimand or discipline during his time with MCPS. Mr. Ramputi no longer works for Marion County Public Schools.” Ramputi resigned from his school position on May 21 after he was placed on administrative leave.” [WCJB]