Who Is George Ndungu? San Antonio Catholic Priest Arrest

George Ndungu is a man from San Antonio, Texas. Ndungu worked as a Catholic priest with Saint Rose of Lima Catholic Church. Police have accused Ndungu of assaulting a woman.

George Ndungu Allegations

George Ndungu Arrested. “The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office arrested George Ndungu, a Catholic priest within the San Antonio Archdiocese, on Aggravated Sexual Assault charges. According to investigators, Ndungu served at several churches in and around the San Antonio area since 2017. He was most recently at Saint Rose of Lima Catholic Church. Sheriff Javier Salazar says they received information from the archdiocese, who were working with a private investigator.” [Fox]

Police: Elderly Woman Claims Ndungu Assaulted Her. “An elderly lady did come forward, a member of that parish came forward and indicated that on three separate occasions, beginning on November of 2022, this suspect did attempt to sexually assault and was successful in sexually assaulting her on three separate occasions, said Sheriff Salazar.” [Bexar County Sheriff’s Office]

Archdiocese Responded To Ndungu Allegations. “The archdiocese takes seriously any allegation of sexual misconduct. The safety and well-being of all people are very important, and the church’s safe-environment policies seek to protect everyone, most especially children and vulnerable adults. We encourage anyone who is a victim of sexual abuse to contact law enforcement.” [Archdiocese of San Antonio]

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