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Voter Suppression 2020 Election

Tracking and explaining efforts to suppress the vote in the 2020 election.

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Voter suppression is the attempt to limit the number of people voting in an election. By cutting down on the vote, especially by targeting specific demographics.

Republican Voter Suppression

The Republican Party plans to get 50,000 volunteers in 15 states in order to suppress the vote and aid Donald Trump’s reelection. The party will spend $20 million to get that volunteer army together.

Republicans also intend to use the money to file court cases designed to limit voter turnout.

Led by Donald Trump, Republicans are also spreading lies and disinformation about vote by mail. Democrats have been promoting vote by mail to allow people afraid of coronavirus infections to cast their votes. Trump has admitted that Republicans believe vote by mail will increase turnout and help Democrats.

Democrats Oppose Voter Suppression

“Voting is under assault both from a systemic nationwide campaign of voter suppression and from the coronavirus. The fear of getting sick and not to go to the polls. People should not have to choose between voting and preserving their good health and that of their families. Because no matter what you do when you go out, you bring it home. Again, no one should be forced to vote for their health or their vote,” said Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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