Trump Spokesman Who Won’t Admit Campaign Is Losing Is Reportedly Deadbeat Dad

Jason Miller, the Trump campaign spokesman who refused to admit to Fox News that the campaign is behind Joe Biden in polling, faces several allegations of refusing to pay child support for his child.

Miller appeared on Fox News Sunday on August 2 in his capacity as a spokesman for Trump’s reelection campaign.

“We think we’re in great shape and well positioned to win this,” Miller told Fox’s Chris Wallace, despite Trump’s position behind Biden in every national poll and in several polls of key swing states. Trump recently fired campaign manager Brad Parscale in a concession to his campaign’s poor performance thus far.

“It seems to me that you hurt your credibility if you don’t admit, yeah, we’re losing and we’ve got to turn things around,” Wallace told Miller in response.

As he was appearing on Fox, Miller’s ex-girlfriend A.J. Delgado referenced his alleged failure to pay child support for the child they have together.

“He was COURT-ORDERED to pay a past-due amount by July 30. He refused & is now in contempt of Court. Motion to incarcerate him is pending,” she wrote. “He was also Court-ordered to pay the child-support each month on the 1st. Yet no payment Aug 1. So, he’s in Contempt of yet ANOTHER Order.”

In a December 2019 tweet, Delgado said Miller’s lawyer emailed her and said “Miller is saying he will send William zero in child support, until and if the Court mandates/forces him to send it.” Delgado noted that the threat to withhold support for the child was occuring “at Christmas.”

Delgado is a conservative columnist and writer who worked for the 2016 Trump campaign. It was during that campaign where she and Delgado, who was married, had a relationship.

According to Delgado, Miller had no involvement with her during her pregnancy.

“I did it all myself. He never once called, texted, emailed to find out if I was receiving proper prenatal care, to find out the baby’s gender, to see if I had health insurance, or if there was anything he could help with. He never even inquired whether there was a baby registry so that he could send something,” she told The Atlantic.

In a 2019 lawsuit, Miller admitted to hiring prostitutes on multiple occasions.

“Miller said his most recent visit to a ‘happy ending’ massage parlor came as recently as “a couple of months ago.” He said he recalled having sex with an escort as recently as the spring of 2017 — just a few months after quitting the Trump transition team, where he served as chief spokesman,” Mediaite reported.

“In 2015, and then I believe again in 2017, I had sex with an escort,” Miller told lawyers in his deposition.

Despite the multiple public controversies that he was involved in at the time, CNN hired Miller as one of their stable of pro-Trump commentators. He left the network in late 2017.

Miller joined the Trump reelection campaign in June of 2020.

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