Social Security Scandals And Controversies

Tracking scandals, controversies, and rhetoric involving the United States’ Social Security System.

Conservatives, Republicans Attacked Social Security When It Was First Created. “This dates all the way back to the beginning of Social Security during the New Deal era, and Medicare (along with Medicaid) as part of the Great Society. All these programs were opposed by conservatives; one Republican senator thundered, before the bill passed in 1935, that Social Security would “end the progress of a great country and bring its people to the level of the average European.” Likewise, Republicans fought Medicare relentlessly; Ronald Reagan said in the early 1960s that if the government were to give seniors health coverage, their grandchildren would have to be instructed about the bygone time “when men were free.”” [Washington Post]

Mitch McConnell Admitted Some Republicans Want To Cut Social Security, Medicare. “Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) took aim at Florida Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) during an interview and confirmed that President Joe Biden’s declaration that some GOP leaders want to end Social Security and Medicare was, in fact, accurate – despite loud booing and yells of “liar” from GOP members.” [Mediaite]

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