Riley June Williams: Facts You Need To Know

Riley June Williams is a Trump supporter who stormed the US Capitol on January 6 2021. Williams reportedly stole a laptop from the office of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and according the FBI, sought to sell the laptop to Russia.

Williams is From Harrisburg, PA. “Williams is the fifth Pennsylvanian charged to date with actually participating in the riot inside the Capitol building.” [Pennlive]

Tipster Told FBI Williams Stole Pelosi’s Laptop. “In this case, a person who said they are the former romantic partner of Riley June Williams of Pennsylvania identified Williams to the FBI in video inside the Capitol building and directing people “upstairs” to Pelosi’s office, according to an affidavit filed Sunday supporting Williams’ arrest. The tipster “also claimed to have spoken to friends of Williams, who showed (the tipster) a video of Williams taking a laptop computer or hard drive from Speaker Pelosi’s office,” the affidavit says. ” [CNN]

Video Corroborates Claim Of Williams Near Pelosi’s Office. “The criminal complaint states law enforcement was able to confirm that the staircase depicted in the video does lead to Speaker Pelosi’s office, and they were able to grab screenshots of the video that appears to show Williams directing and pointing intruders in a certain direction. According to the criminal complaint, other videos obtained by the FBI also depict Williams outside the U.S. Capitol in the same clothing.” [Fox 43]

Photos of Riley June Williams at Capitol Riot

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