The Return Of The Democrats

The right is whining. They are in control of all three branches of the government, but they’re whining. Why? Because for the first time since the 2000 election the left is fighting back. Across the entire spectrum of Democratic politics the ascendancy of George Bush to the White House was a cause for concern, partially … Read more

I Get Mad

I’m not your standard issue liberal who believes in peace and flowers and the idea that we should all sing cumbaya as we’re led to slaughter. I believe that the intelligent and humane application of military force is warranted in situations where the lives of our citizens are threatened, or when innocents are being persecuted. As … Read more

Really Winning

I suppose that now is as good a time as any to clarify where I stand on this war. Over the many months as the focus shifted from Osama to Saddam, my contention has been that – yes – we would win this war and it would be quick. I had and still have my … Read more

This Is The Brink Of War?

If it weren’t for the thundering theme music on MSNBCNNFox, it would be hard to tell that this country is less than 24 hours away from an intense military conflict. My grandparent’s generation lived through the conflict to end all conflicts, World War II – where even in the small island of Jamaica my grandmother … Read more

My First Protest

I’m not a protester kind of guy. I’m much more of a “lets-elect-the-right-people” kind of guy. But sometimes you can only write so much on a web site, and you need to be part of an assembled group to make a statement. I don’t delude myself into thinking that my protest will stop the war, … Read more

Oliver In Video (And Other People)

PBS just launched the website for MEDIA MATTERS with myself, Anil Dash, Megan McCardle and Instapundit. Here is the broadband version of the video in which O-Dub rules the universe with his mighty acid-laced tongue. UPDATE: My head looks just like the “1984 head”. It’s a good thing we have similar plans for world domination. … Read more


I realized I would have a problem with religion on the day I asked my mom at the age of about 6 or 7, “so, who came first – the cavemen or Adam & Eve?”. My brain didn’t get the fact that these two are basically mutually exclusive. How would I know? I went to … Read more


Plane crashing into World Trade Center Plane crash into Pentagon Jesus, are we under attack?

‘Life & Debt’ from a Kinda’ Jamaican

I just watched PBS’ POV special “Life & Debt” about the impact globalization and the IMF/World Bank has had on Jamaica. While the special was put together well and had a strong message, there are several problems in its presentation as well as its central thesis that I feel was discarded or disregarded in order … Read more

Brush with Fame

Two years here and I have yet to see anyone really famous (except Paul Rodriguez in an elevator, and he’s about C-list) then today I’m in Petco buying some stuff for C.K., and who’s in front of me but Mr. Academy Award winner – Cuba Gooding, Jr.. He was waiting on his credit card to clear and turned around, I … Read more