Media Bias: The Facts

The Media, In General, Favors The Right

Sunday news shows are biased overwhelmingly to the right. “There were over five times as many right-leaning signature panels on the major Sunday political news shows as left-leaning panels in the first half of 2019, according to a Media Matters study. Across the Sunday shows on ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox Broadcasting, and NBC, 33% of panels included more conservative than progressive guests, while just 6% of panels tilted left. Of the remaining panels, 61%, were balanced, featuring the same number of left-leaning and right-leaning guests.” [Media Matters]

NBC News

Meet the Press has the most right-wing dominated panels of the Sunday news shows. “It featured right-leaning panels 63% of the time and left-leaning panels just 8% of the time. In total, 15 out of its 24 panels tilted right, just two leaned to the left, and seven were balanced.” [Media Matters]

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