Maggie Haberman and Donald Trump

Maggie Haberman Doesn’t Want You To Know Who Donated To Trump

Conservatives are pretending (always pretending) that they are outraged and dismayed that Joaquin Castro tweeted out a publicly available list of Trump donors.

When you donate to a campaign in America, it is made clear that your name is entered into the public record. We do this because we learned about giant, anonymous flows of cash between shadowy figures and Richard Nixon. It’s always Nixon.

I expect fake conservative outrage, because that’s what the right does. But the weird part is the role being played by the New York Times’ White House correspondent, Maggie Haberman.

In response to the disclosure, Haberman publicly fretted.

“This is dangerous, by any campaign,” she tweeted. Challenged on it by MSNBC’s Joy Reid, Haberman insisted this information should be a secret and complained when it was pointed out to her that her own newspaper had published information on donors to the Clinton Foundation.

There she goes again!

A reporter arguing that public information shouldn’t be utilized by a campaign is absurd, and it’s no surprise that it was Haberman arguing on the Trump side of the argument – again.

She’s got that book she’s shopping, after all.

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