Lil Wayne Pardon: Facts You Need To Know

Rapper Lil Wayne is rumored to be up for a pardon from Donald Trump in his final days in office.

Lil Wayne Arrest And Possible Pardon

Reports Indicate Lil Wayne Is One Of Two Rappers Being Considered For A Pardon. “Two months later, Lil Wayne is being considered for a pardon, according to a report published by Bloomberg. As well, another hit-making rapper already serving time on gun charges, Kodak Black, who praised Trump before the election, is in the running for a pardon.” [LA Times]

Lil Wayne Plead Guilty To A Gun Charge. “Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., was arrested and charged with illegally carrying a loaded handgun last December while traveling from California to South Florida via a private plane. An anonymous tipper informed police, who arrested the rapper upon landing.” [The Hill]

Lil Wayne Supported Trump’s Reelection Campaign

Lil Wayne Endorsed Trump In the 2020 Election. “Lil Wayne is the latest rapper to come out in support of Donald Trump. In a tweet posted on Thursday evening, Wayne revealed that he recently met with Trump and was won over by his commitment to the “Platinum Plan” for Black America, as well as his past actions achieving criminal justice reform.” [COS]

50 Cent Alleged Lil Wayne Was Paid To Endorse Trump. “”So Wayne definitely got a check then?” co-host Charlemagne Tha God asked Jackson. “Yeah, I’m sure,” Jackson said. “Easily he got paid. He had the sweater and the picture.”” [Fox News]

After Criticism for Endorsing Trump, Wayne Praised Trump On A Mixtape. “But he has now doubled down on his support on the recently released ‘No Ceilings 3’ mixtape, hailing Trump on the track ‘Life Is Good’.“Working out my demons, that’s beautiful,” he raps. “And bae off of that riesling, she super loose/I smoke it, she say pass it, she doing too much/Haven’t done my taxes, fucking with Trump.”” [NME]

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