I Get Mad

I’m not your standard issue liberal who believes in peace and flowers and the idea that we should all sing cumbaya as we’re led to slaughter. I believe that the intelligent and humane application of military force is warranted in situations where the lives of our citizens are threatened, or when innocents are being persecuted. As the leading democracy in this world, it is not only America’s right to use its force for right – it is our moral duty.

Which is why I get angry and continue to do so when I see our soldiers killed for dubious causes. Our country is invading another one, not because we were attacked or threatened, not because that country invaded another (which provided a moral backbone to the oil protection racket of Gulf War I) but because we have a president who either through perversion of the mind, a religious manifest, political cover or a combination of the above – thinks that America isn’t fine operating an empire of the psychological and economic sort. No, President Bush under the guise of advocating democracy (the definition of “democracy” varies as much as the reasons given for invading Iraq) seeks to expand American interests through the iron fist of our military.

This is not why we have the largest, and strongest military going. This is not the mindset that has given us our position (rightly so, in most cases) of global dominance. It is naked lust wrapped in the American flag, and it would be so regardless of the political party of the president.

It’s just wrong, and people would be derelict if they didn’t say what they thought.

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