GOP Pundit Wants IVF Doctors Arrested

Conservative pundit Michael Knowles is calling for doctors providing IVF care to be arrested:

MICHAEL KNOWLES (HOST): Doctors are proceeding with illegal IVF sales in Alabama. You remember, I mentioned on the show yesterday, it was a wonderful story out of Alabama. The Alabama Supreme Court pointed out that human beings are human beings from the moment of conception because conception just means the beginning. And they’re human beings in the womb, and they’re human beings even outside of the womb because — we used to not even have these embryos outside of the womb, but because of the advance of technology, there’s a new industry. And it’s the IVF and surrogacy industry that treats babies as commodities to buy and sell on an open market. And the judge in the case said, look, just by the sheer language of the Alabama Supreme Court, this is unconstitutional. We need to treat these people as people. They’re people. They’re human beings. Unique human beings. So, that bans the surrogacy industry in Alabama.

Well, liberals aren’t giving up that easy. There’s a headline, so upset, doctors and patients fearfully proceed with IVF after Alabama court rules that embryos are children. What else are they? What are the customers in the IVF industry purchasing if they’re not purchasing children? Trust me. The customers in the IVF industry, in the surrogacy industry know better than anybody that the embryo is a child. That’s what they’re buying. That’s the product. So they know it. What — they’re not upset that the court ruled that the embryos are children. They already know that. They’re upset that they ruled that you can’t buy children. You can’t treat children like commodities and objects to be used as mere instruments for your own satisfaction. That’s what’s going on. And so these crooks, these very, very, immoral businessmen — I won’t even call them doctors. They’re immoral businessmen selling people. They’re gonna proceed anyway. OK. Well, I hope that they’re prosecuted under the law in accordance with the laws of Alabama and the Alabama Supreme Court and the — the Alabama state constitution.

But what this really proves to me is that these liberals don’t take conservative rulings seriously. They don’t take the law very seriously because they know that the law is just words on paper, and the law is only gonna be as strong as the conviction and power of the people who are going to enforce it. They don’t think they’re gonna have to be held to account. Question for us is, can we hold them to account?