Fox News Scandals And Controversies: The Facts You Need To Know

A comprehensive catalogue of controversies involving the conservative cable and satellite channel, Fox News.

How Has Fox News Promoted Racism?

Conservative writer Victor Davis Hanson, appearing on Tucker Carlson Tonight, said “African-American males” are responsible for a “crime wave” in America.

How Has Fox News Lied About Democrats?

Fox host Jesse Waters promoted the theory that a man hoping to kill Supreme Court Justice Bret Kavanaugh had received an order to do so from President Joe Biden.

Why Isn’t Fox News Covering The January 6 Select Committee?

Fox News announced in June 2022 that it would not provide live coverage of the Congressional Select Committee on the January 6 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol. Fox said that it would show the hearings on its lesser watched sister network, Fox Business.

After Fox was criticized for the decision, host Laura Ingraham said it was done because the network “caters” to its audience.

How Has Fox News Lied About The January 6 Attack On The Capitol?

Fox host Tucker Carlson said that the January 6 rioters were “passionately patriotic Americans” that “genuinely love America.”

Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway dismissed the attack as just “one day of rioting.”

How Has Fox News Attacked Immigrants?

Fox host Sean Hannity said immigrants are a “full-blown threat to U.S. national security.”

How Has Fox News Attacked The January 6 Committee?

Fox host Mark Levin called on Republicans in Congress to investigate the January 6 Select Committee if they are elected back into the majority in the 2022 election.

How Fox Lied About Criminal Justice

Fox host Jesse Watters said “white guilt” has led to “everybody out of prisons.”

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