Fox News Outraged That Migrants Wear Clean Clothes

Fox News is attacking desperate migrant families for the supposed sin of wearing clean clothes.

BILL MELUGIN (CORRESPONDENT): What you’re looking at is the border wall off in the distance. That is the area where all these illegal immigrants have been popping through in recent days. There are different gaps in the wall and then you can see this dirt road here. That is where they walk up, eventually reaching our location. It’s been a slower day out here today. We haven’t had a group just yet but John and Jacqui, I mentioned this yesterday, it just goes to show —

A lot of people think everybody is coming through some jungle down in the DariĆ©n Gap and they’re walking for miles. That is not the case with a lot of these folks. A lot of them are showing up with clean clothes, some of it is brand name. We’ve seen people out here with Louis Vuitton. They’re getting on multiple flights, they’re getting dropped off right across the border and they’re simply walking across with no resistance whatsoever.